Virtual Pottery Events


If you are on the hunt for a unique, feelgood activity for your team to connect over whilst working remotely, then we have just the thing!
The Pot Heads virtual pottery workshop has been carefully designed to bring groups together using the tactile and therapeutic nature of working with clay to relax & unwind, get to know each other better and break the mould of the day to day…

-  Send personalised pottery packages to each member of your team (plant 'hairstyles' included!)

-   Host an interactive online event that combines the therapeutic benefits of pottery with team-building exercises that foster collaboration and innovation. Perfect for corporate teams seeking a break from the ordinary.

-  Create happy memories as well as a new team of Pot Head plant pot pals!

What's Involved?

After recieving a Pot Heads Pottery Parcel in the post containing everything that they need for the workshop (plus some fun extras) - your team will come together online ready to enjoy some playful pottery together.  After a short introduction, Tasha will begin your session with a fun, interactive drawing game that helps your team to break the ice, share ideas and get into a creative flow... then it is time to roll up those sleeves and get stuck in with the pottery!  Tasha will guide you team step-by-step, teaching some simple pottery techniques as everybody builds their basic pot shape.  Once everyone has created a pot and feels confident working with the clay, it is time to let loose and transform your creations in to plant pot characters.

The act of working creatively with our hands has a mindful and medatitive effect, so this creates the perfect environment for team members to chat and connect as they are bringing their Pot Head characters to life!  Once complete, everyone is welcomed to share their creations with the group :)

Contact Tasha to enquire about pricing and availability.

Embrace the playful nature of pottery and get your team out of their heads and into their hands!

Playing with clay and using our hands to sculpt and form is an incredible way to relax the mind, it is tactile, therapeutic and encourages mindfulness by connecting mind and body.  The Pot Heads are all about encouraging people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to get their hands dirty, unleash some creativity and have a go at pottery.  Tasha has developed a fun, engaging and tactile workshop that works to bring people together through exploring creativity - providing a unique virtual experience that will leave your team feeling relaxed, accomplished and most importantly, more connected.

How Does It Work?

1. Get in touch with Tasha to discuss how she can tailor the workshop to suit the individual needs of your group, and decide on a date and time for your workshop.

2. Each member of your team will receive a Postal Pottery Package, containing everything needed for the workshop including:

Terracotta Air-Dry Clay

Succulent or Cactus 'Hairstyle' OR

'Grow Your Own Hairstyle' Seed Kit

Sculpting Tools

Coloured Paper & Pens


A3 'Hall Of Fame' Poster (for inspiration!)

LTD EDITION Pot Heads Stickers

Sealant for your new creations

Aftercare Guide


3. Join Tasha on Zoom (or your video conference platform of choice) for a 1.5-2h session where you will be guided step-by-step to create your Pot Heads.

There is also the option to follow along together with a Pre-recorded video tutorial for those who can't make it on the day but still want to be involved :)


Contact Tasha to enquire about pricing and availability.




Tasha first began running Pot Head workshops in 2019 because she was inspired to see how the therapeutic and playful nature of clay could bring groups together.  She loves sharing the joy of creativity, and hopes that The Pot Heads can continue to connect people with both each other and with their own creativity through her virtual sessions …  You can find out more about The Pot Head movement HERE.



"Tasha was a charming host and we all had such a fabulous time at the workshop - the time flew by!  Opening the package was really exciting - so many fun things inside. We all love what we created and can definitely say are pleasantly surprised at what we achieved especially as we all said we aren't creative at the start!! Our pots will all meet one day but for now they are hanging out with us at home with their botanical hairdo's.  Thanks Tasha for a wonderful workshop."


"Loved making our pots together - especially creating our characters at the start!  I wasn't sure about such a messy activity to start off with but I'm really glad we gave it a go, it was so much fun and now I want to make more!"

Contact Tasha to enquire about pricing and availability.